Kim's Story


How I got started...

Hello, my name is Kim, I have my Real Estate License in Arizona.When I first got my Real Estate license, I was disappointed because sales were very slow due to extreme competition in the Phoenix market.  A sale would sometimes have up to 12 contracts written the first day a house was on the market.  I had buyers but had no luck with finding a house for them because of the fierce competition and limited number of houses available. 

I had been in the sales industry for over 10 years.  By this time I had it with sales, but wanted to work in the Real Estate Industry without having to sell.  I was determined to find a way to use my Real Estate License to make money.  I discovered the BPO industry and signed up a few companies to become a vendor. 

I was skeptical at first of the BPO Industry.   I realized this was a hidden business and I was going to have to figure it out.  Realtors did not want to reveal this to other realtors because they wanted to keep this gold mine to themselves. The brokers I talked to thought that BPOs were a waist of time. I wasn't sure if I would actually get work or not.

This was the real deal!  Within 2 months I started earning $1500 per week doing BPOs.

After doing BPOs for some time, I have decided to teach other Realtors and Brokers how to get into the business.  There is not very much information on the internet.  I had a lot of frustrating days when I first started and I tattered my reputation with some of the companies that I initially did work for.  Each bank had peculiar and specific requirements. Even though I had done CMAs, I did not know what specific parameters the banks wanted and how to pull comps the way each bank required. I had a very difficult learning curve.  I got a lot of jobs returned back to me and I almost gave up!  After endless hours of researching, re-working jobs, and receiving coaching from the companies I finally "cracked the code".

I want to make the ramp up period easier for you. I learned procedures, techniques, proper language to use and key things that helped me to build a report with the company reps and helped me make money working from home doing BPOs on my own schedule.  The online class will show you all the procedures, techniques, tips and tricks, that I learned the hard way, that will help you start receiving jobs right away.  You will learn things like how to avoid getting jobs returned back to you.  I take the complexity out of the business for you and make it simple. 

 The beauty of this business is that all the work is submitted over the internet.  It can be fast and simple if you know what you are doing.  You can take as much or as little of work as you like.  You can earn as much or as little money as you want doing BPOs in your free time!

It is my passion to help others and I hope my sincerity and my heartfelt honesty is felt in the words on this page.  I don't want anyone to struggle with money.  If this is available and you are a realtor not making as much as you would like to be, then why not give it a shot?  You have nothing to lose. 

I want you to be Successful & Happy!  If I have knowledge that can assist you, I want you to have it as soon as possible.  It is my mission to help you be as successful as you can be!  Includes my report titled " A list of companies to start with right away and 6 essential tips you must know to get started".  The tips in this report are a must have to ensure you get your foot in the door and start making money fast! 

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