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1. Join the National Association of BPO Professionals - NABPOP . Once you become a NABPOP member, you will have access to the Directory of BPO Companies. Sign up with the companies in the directory. It may take a while to start receiving jobs in your email box after you sign up for free with the companies.

2. You will receive all the training and education that you need to get started.

3. Pull tax record for the subject property.

4. You must have MLS access. Pull 3 comparables that are similiar to the subject property. 

5. Take an exterior and/or interior photo of the property.

6. Upload the photo(s) onto the companies website in your password protected account (High Speed Internet makes your life easier!)

7. Enter required data in a form on the BPO companies website.

8. Click Submit to tell the company you are finished with the BPO.

9. Get bi-monlthy or monthly checks mailed to your home or work address from more than one BPO Company.

10. All the companies on my list are verified and do pay Real Estate Professionals.

11. Watch more BPO jobs come flying in your email box!


12. Not joining NABPOP is costing you thousands of extra dollars you could have in your bank, Right Now!

13. Accept your invitation into the BPO Yahoo Group and read daily posts to keep up to date in the industry.

*This is provided as a sample of the BPO process and by no means constitutes a procedure to complete a BPO.  There are many underlying concepts, principles, and techniques for each and every step.


"This class is necessary for all Real Estate Professionals, and is a viable way to improve your income source."