"Boy have I ever been staying BUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow! Currently I have been getting lots of work from 2 companies. I am driving all over the place! Ha-ha! Be careful what you wish for, huh? In the past 6 days, I have done 16!"

Bridget Parker, Houston, TX - Lbjeparker@aol.com


I signed up for KimClass a week and a half ago and already have received 3 BPO orders! KimClass was without a doubt the best investment so far!

Lorayne McKelvy-Morris  Fresno, CA - Lorayne@thelomaxxgroup.com


Kim, thank you!  I added 10+ zipcodes to my service area with one of your highlighted BPO companies.  I have received 5 orders from another BPO company since last Thursday and am really grateful for the follow ups and help you provide.  I thought I was just buying a list, but am now hooked up with other brokers nationwide (from the KimClass BPO Yahoo Group) sharing information regarding BPO's and have a real person and people helping me to be more successful at improving my income by expanding my base of companies needing work in my market area.

Paul Petrich, CA - petrichpc@yahoo.com


I just want to thank you for your tutorial.  I was very skeptical, but after purchasing your tutorial and signing up with all the companies, I got my first three jobs from two companies in the first day!  I now have received 5 jobs between the two companies, in my first 5 days, and am hoping for more!  I am in CA and am a stay at home mom of 4/real estate professional from home, getting nowhere in this market.  I have only done one deal in my first 8 months of being a real estate professional, and we were'nt sure how we were going to make ends meet.  If this continues at the current pace, we will be more than fine!  I cannot thank you enough!

Heather, CA hpettis@homesmartca.com


Thank you...I appreciate all your help and expertise.  I would also like to let you know that I appreciate that you took the time to put together a list & tutorial on BPOs.  I never would have considered getting into this business because I wouldn't have known what to do or how to do it, yet you made it possible to learn this business.  The fact that a business like this exists gives me the freedom to remain a stay at home mom, but yet have a job without the long office hours, and if I need to I can bring my baby along with me on the quick jobs.
Sincerely Grateful,

Sharon Cloud-Fabre, NV - srfabre@earthlink.net


"I got my first check today since joining KimClass last month and it was about 12 times what I paid to join this group, (Boy. what a feeling!:-) You've come to the right place! I'm telling you KIM is the greatest!!! (she ROCKS) ...she's been right on the money :-)"

Duane Green, Bedford, MA - g.duane@verizon.net


Lorayne update - "Hi Kim, I have spent money on marketing (and it does pay off), but – I was already looking at BPO’s, and surfing the net (had signed up with a couple of companies), but really didn’t understand the process.  I stumbled upon your website, read the information and was a bit skeptical (just being honest), so I continued to surf for another day.  For some reason I kept going back to your website and decided to take a chance (a lot of the times you get burned, or your expectations are not met), anyhow – I paid the money, downloaded your course and was immediately impressed!  I spent two (2) days emailing the companies on your list, filling out forms and faxing them back, re-reading your material, and BAM, I started getting phone calls and emails for assignments.  This past week I completed seven (7) orders ranging from $45 - $75, Ihave figuratively recouped my investment. 

I have been in real estate since 1995 – I work foreclosures, do loans, loan document signings, homebuyer seminars and list and sell real estate.  I try to keep ahead of the curve ‘cause the market fluctuates so much (our market is starting to depreciate slightly and you know what is happening with subprimes), and that old saying “we can’t put all our eggs in one (1) basket” is so very true. Your course is phenomenal – the information is informative and current (very important), and the support group (chat groups), and that very personal touch when you know you are not alone while mastering and understanding BPO’s – but most of all I was impressed by your prompt response to my very first email when I had a question - I did not have to be placed on hold, talk to a call center, or get the run around – it was like you were right there WITH ME.

Lorayne McKelvy-Morris  Fresno, CA - Lorayne@thelomaxxgroup.com


I mean what I say when I say “this by far as been the best investment I have ever made

"Kim, Thanks again for your help and such quick turn around on my questions. I have to say, your program and support are worth more than you are charging. I was skeptical at first about the whole thing but boy am I a believer now!!! I have made more money this past week, working from home, than I ever have at any part time or work from home job I have ever done, and I have tried them all. Thanks again."

Rachelle Bachman, CO - thebachmanteam@msn.com

Rachelle update, two months later - "My BPO business has taken off!! I could not have done it without your help. I am amazed at how much fun it is and at how much I made doing it last month. For my first full month I am very pleased. To think that two months ago I had no idea how we were going to make it and now I know we are going to make it and only have things get better."

Rachelle update, three months later - "I got my first order from one company. I got it back to them within 5 hours! Their forms are not too bad and they only require one extra photo. Another company sent me a couple more orders this week. She seems to like sending me the interiors, I have two to get done for her right now. The main company went crazy this week. This has been my busiest and most profitable week so far. It was crazy!! As of right now I have 9 orders to get completed for them. WHEW!! And Lisa was out most of the week, these all came from the automatic placement system. The economic future in Denver is looking bleak and they say forclosures will be on the rise, I am in the perfect place at the right time. I think there will be less second mortgage type orders and more REO type ones!"

Rachelle Bachman, CO - thebachmanteam@msn.com


Bridget Update, 1.5 months later on the BPO Yahoo Group: "Hi Group! I stay very busy doing BPO's. VERY BUSY! (Thanks Kim.....Thanks a MILLION!). Today I had 5 come through from a company ( I missed 3 of them and rejected the other two) and 7 more from the busiest company. I am already working on 6 others from them and also 3 others from another company. And this is just the ones that came in this morning before I left home today. I had 11 come in yesterday from the busiest company, and I have already completed 5 of them. I get most of my work from them. I am way too busy to do ones that come in from all the tiny towns that surround Houston because Houston is such a HUGE place, and I drive an SUV.....need I say more! Haha! The advice I can give you is to add as many zip codes to your area as you can imagine. And get with the busiest company on the list because they assign the BPO's to you and you do not have to rush to grab them like you do with other companies.
I am still very new at this.....only been doing it 2 months. But, another piece of advice I can give is if you want part time assignments given to you, ask Kim which one that is. If you want full-time assignments and a full work-load every day, go with the busiest company on the list which is highlighted. And, I try to stay away from the REO's. Too much work and not enough pay! Unless you can figure out some way to get the listing. Don't ask me how, because I have not figured that one out yet, but as soon as I do I will post it here! I am working on it!
Have a Prosperous day everyone!

Bridget Parker, Houston, TX - Lbjeparker@aol.com


"I just wanted to share with everyone of my progress with the BPO System.  I purchased KimClass one week ago today and I already have had numerous requests sent to my inbox.  I have completed 5 requests and I have 3 more to finish up.  I declined a few at first because I wanted to understand the process before I make any mistakes.  The most requests have been the first company on the list.  I am also working with two other companies I am having success with.
Thanks, Kim, You are truly a gem!"

Reshawna Leaven, Lorton, VA - reshawnaleaven@gmail.com

"Thanks for all of your help with my first BPO's. I got 2 of them in on time today and the 3rd was just a little late. That was the one that I couldn't find info on. They were all approved with no questions and I feel so good!!! You are such a blessing! Thanks for sharing this business and for all of your e-mails yesterday. They have already sent me another order! YEA!!! They pay $60.00 per BPO."

Rhonda Knoeck, Cumming, GA - rhondaknoeck@yahoo.com

"Thanks, I just thought I'd write to let you know that I'm in the process of completing my first BPO today, with the first company on your list. Not too bad given that I saw your website for the first time 3 days ago. If only finding sellers was so quick."

Matthew Clarke, Seattle, WA - macclarke@hotmail.com


Hi Kim...just wanted to give you an update on my progress. I began completing BPO'S on October 12th 2005.  It is only November 10th, 2005 and I have been assigned 46 orders and have completed 42 of them...4 are due next week.  I have been paid $750....and I still have approx. $1400 dollars on the way.....so your program is a success...
Thanks again... ps...ive only received 4 clarification requests!

Lisa update, two months later, Kim is still answering questions for me...she's great and a real person and real estate professional who has been where we are.

Lisa update, three months later,  Hi Kim,  Happy New Year. Just wanted to give you an update, this month i've received $4123.00 in BPO money and i still have $960 on the way. Im working for 6 of the companies on your list. All are good and pay in a timely manner....Im working on a system to be able to handle more work from some of the other companies. Ive been so busy with these that ive had to turn down work! Just wanted to say thanks again to KimClass.Com.

Lisa Jones, Richmond, CA - bayareahometours@aol.com


Kim has been a godsend. She has helped me learn about the BPO business and make a substantial income. Whenever I needed her she was always open and helpful. Kim thanks for all your hard work and motivation.

Daryl Billingsley, Oakland, CA - dmb2@bellsouth.net 

"Hi Kim, Just want to let you know, I purchased your online class.  In less than a week, I have made almost $1,000.00 dollars. I got 7 BPO's from the number one company on your list, 4 from another company, and 2 from another one. I have been doing BPO's for a company in Maryland, but nothing can compare to the success I've had since making these small investments. It has really been slow and frustrating for me trying to sell houses and get listings. The market here is crazy, and there is a real estate professional on every corner. I was at the point that I was ready to give up my license and go get a job. God gave me a vision, and he also showed me tthis web site. With the changing trends in real estate, I would strongly suggest any real estate professional, successful or not purchase your class, I guarantee you won't be disappointed."

Tiffany S. Domney, Pikesville, MD - tsd1216@verizon.net


"I have been doing BPO's for 6 months.  I purchased the list of BPO Companies from Kim. Kim's list helped me add 2 new companies that I work with now. I doubled the volume I was previously doing!"

.Jason Henderson, NV - jason@jasonvanzant.com


"I was already doing good with BPO's before purchasing Kim's Class....but now I am doing GREAT!!!  The company list alone is well worth the price and the BPO user group has also been GREAT."

Jason Callahan, TX - CallahanJHB@aol.com 


"I just wanted to drop a line to you at KimClass and let you know how grateful I am.  I was an experienced Real Estate Agent in CA and I had heard of BPOs in passing, but thought why waist my time on the small things.  When the market started slowing down and I hit a dry spell, I needed to find another source of income so I decided to try doing some BPOs (something is better than nothing). I was frustrated with the lack of information available until I found your website – it was very informative. I was a bit skeptical about the tutorial because I have always been a do it yourself type, I have a lot of RE experience and can do CMAs in my sleep, and I knew another real estate professional that had BPO experience. He was real tight lipped about everything, but I pried the BPO company out of him and signed up with them; and, after what seemed like an eternity, when I finally got two jobs from them, I took a very long time to complete the jobs – they were more involved than a CMA, and to my dismay, they both got rejected. After reworking the BPOs, I figured I made less than minimum wage with all the time spent. I was ready to give up on BPOs, but when I re-visited your website and saw the money back guarantee, I thought that I had nothing to loose and signed up. Best investment decision I have made in some time. The tutorial and the list of contacts got me up and running in a relatively short amount of time – the contact inforamtion and your tips on how to get in with a company paid off.  I also could see in the tutorial where I went wrong on my first BPOs (without the tutorial) – just a couple of BPO peculiar details that the lenders are looking for that I would have never known except by trial and error. A week after signing up with your tutorial, I got three orders, but I was a little snake bitten from my previous experience.  I followed the examples in the tutorial to the T and used the recommended verbiage. After I submitted the orders and when I found they were accepted, it felt like a ton of weight came off my shoulders. I figured that I had made $45/hour on those three jobs. Three days after that, I got three more from that company and one from another on your list. I got those done even faster and I started feeling confident about them. The BPO companies kept increasing the number of jobs and with each one I feel more and more confident. It was shaky at first, but once I got over the hump and developed a good rhythm, I started knocking them out and before I knew it, I was busy. It seemed too good to be true until I got my first check and it sunk in that it IS true. Now I figure that I make around $60/hr on them. I also want to point out that the advice that is given on the BPO Yahoo group is excellent – the people on that group really want to help each other out and I have found the group to be a great resource. Here is the best part. The greatest thing just recently happened. I got a call from the neighbor of a house that I did an interior BPO at. The people that owned the house (that I performed a BPO on) had given their neighbor (who was getting ready to buy another house) my card (I almost always hand out a few cards during interiors) and they told them that I was a real estate expert and I gave them lots of good advice while I was doing the inspection. They wanted me to list their house and help them find a new house. I’m listing their house for $430k and they are approved for and looking to buy around $500k. If I had only known about BPOs as a marketing technique years ago. I definitely have a bounce in my step now. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU."

W. Anderson, CA – ReForAnyOne@yahoo.com